Improving Your Workout through Workout videos

When it comes to workouts, visual aids play an important role as they can show you what to do and how to do it properly. You cannot expect to read a workout routine and act on it as it will be very difficult for you to do the workout properly which can lead to muscle deformation or just really nasty aching of the body which will literally be only pain and no gain. So to have a proper workout you do need visual aids. In the old days people used to rely upon step by step diagrams which were helpful but you can imagine to what extent, then came the tapes and the DVDs and people started watching those and they were a big upgrade on the diagrams and they helped a lot but now that the internet has taken over, DVDs are left only for backup purposes and are the part of our past like the cassette players and CDs. Nowadays people just hop onto the internet and find the video best suited to their workout and watch it, while they workout, on their phones. The DVDs could never offer this type of on the go approach. YouTube on the other hand, is now the biggest source of infotainment and you can learn to do just about anything by watching YouTube videos. Workouts are no different, there are many channels that are based purely to provide workout routines and information. They have hundreds of thousands of subscribers which goes to show that they are doing something right.

Workout Video Channels on YouTube:

If you are looking for a workout routine you can pick any one of these YouTube channels according to your liking and get started on getting fit. These channels not only provide workout routines but also they
provide you with nutrition information and motivation which is needed if you are looking to workout regularly because there are days when you just don’t feel like it but after watching a couple of videos you will be all pumped and ready to hit the gym. So have a look, find and pick one you like the best and stick to it. A few of the top YouTube channels that are based on workout video are listed as follows:

1. BodyRock
2. BeFit
3. Jenny Ford
4. Global Cycling Network
5. Yuga Journal.

Downloading Your Workout Videos:

Another advantage of having videos on the internet is that you can download them for when the internet is not accessible for some reason and there are several software available for that. You can download your videos using Internet Download Manager or any other software that you like. You can also save them in the YouTube offline mode. With each workout you are going to need a new video so it’s best to keep your inventory full in case one day you forget to download the workout video for your weekly plan.

Video Editing:

Another thing that you might need is a Video Editing software. They come in handy when you have found a long and comprehensive workout lesson and it covers pretty much all of your needs but it has ads or other endorsements which you might want to remove. It can also be that the workout video that you found is a DVD and you want to convert it for your iPhone or Android. With Video Editing software you can extract a certain part of a workout video that you need hence eliminating the annoyance of sliding forward and backwards every time before you workout.

Video Editing software also gives you the ability to add music of your liking to your workout videos, for example let’s say that you found a perfect but old workout video and it has a horrible old song playing in the background that you had to listen to over and over in a long car journey and you just hate it, well you can change that and you can keep changing the audio track with your newest jam so you will never get bored. You can also add narrations and subtitles to your videos for better understanding.

How to Find a Good Video Editing Software:

For all that you are going to need a good Video Editing software which has all these features and is easy to work with. For this you can go online and do your research or try out different software of such nature but I would recommend you to go to to help you see all the noteworthy options on the same page.

It’s a site which has reviews on all of the current top Video Editing software and through the reviews and other people’s experiences you can find any Video Editing software you want that will cover all your needs.

Through the above mentioned site I found a Video Editor that was perfect for me and it’s called Wondershare Filmora. It has got all the functions that I need. It can slice videos and merge different parts. It can also crop your videos and do frame correction. You can also add music to your videos. The program offers an Easy mode which contains all of the above mentioned features but you don’t have to be experienced to use it because it provides you with a bunch of preset profiles.

You can also enable the Full feature mode and then all of a sudden you will have loads more of features at your disposal and you will be able to do some seriously professional looking stuff to your videos like transitions, using split screen, playing the videos in reverse etcetera. But obviously to operate in Full feature mode you will need a lot more experience and knowledge of how video editing software works and frankly that nerdy stuff is just above my understanding. I just use the Easy mode and it serves me well.

There is one annoying thing about Wondershare Filmora though. The free version stamps your video with its logo which can be annoying to some people, honestly I am totally fine with it but if you have a problem with it or any other thing is not to your liking you can always go to the above mentioned site with loads of reviews to help you select your best video editing software.

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