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It is a fact that we realized the true importance of exercise after technology swept into our lives. The more leisure and luxury we gained the more unfit we became. To overcome the adverse effects of easy life we started to work out and hence the gym started to provide a substitute for a hard life. Interestingly technology also came in here to boost the interest and motivation of humans in keeping themselves fit.

It all started with the cycles and treadmills in the 80s and 90s but nowadays that has gone much ahead of that with the inclusion of various weight lifting and stretching exercises. That was a good way to start things off but with the passage of time a lot of personal gadgetry has made its way into the market and they all offer you an edge while working out.

Some of these gadgets and devices are designed to monitor running while some are specifically designed for lifting; however a few offer an all-round approach towards your fitness as they keep a check on you heartbeat, meals, activities and sleep. This kind of gadgetry can transform your workout experience and can help you in maintaining your body.

It is like having a personal trainer with you all the time that keeps a check on your every move and records it for you so that you can gauge your performance and improve your health day by day.
All these technical aids cover a big chunk of the fitness market and looking at this, big companies like Apple, Google and HTC have joined in to exploit this area and earn their due share. The competition of these big companies has led us to some awesome innovations and useful devices. Let’s have a look at some of these devices by these companies and a few others down below so you can make up your mind on what to get for improving your workout.

1. Apple Watch:

The original intent for the Apple watch was to help iPhone users check their notifications without having to take their phone out of their pocket but it has also become a health gadget. The health app in it keeps track of your motion, it has built in GPS and Bluetooth connectivity. It also comes with a heartbeat sensor that makes it handy for cardiac exercises.
Its water resistance allows you to keep it on while swimming in depths less than five meters which makes it a complete package as it can accompany you everywhere. The battery life is good too as it lasts more than one day easily and takes only an hour or so to recharge.

Other similar devices:

There are many other companies like Motorola, Samsung, Huawei, etcetera, who produce smart watches and they can serve the same purpose as the apple watch. They provide similar kinds of apps which can help you stay fit and active throughout the day.
Microsoft also offers a watch so you can have a windows watch if you like.

2. UA and HTC Health box:

UA and HTC have come up with a whole health kit named “The Health Box“. It contains a wrist band to be worn all the time which measures your sleep hours, heart rate during activities and while resting. A scale is also included in the kit which lets you measure fats and your body weight. The heart rate monitor of this gadget lets you measure your heart rate more accurately.
You can look at all the data at the end of the day and make plans and adjustments for the next day. By doing so you can decide what you can do to get better results next time.

3. The Sony Walkman WS313 and WS414:

Sony released a more on par with time model of their Walkman. They basically just carried on the name and redesigned the whole thing. Now all that’s left is a pair of wireless headphones. But they still packed in all the features. The Walkman of today comes with internal storage, an eight GB and a four GB variant, internal rechargeable battery that gives you a playback of about 12 hours with only 3 hours of charging. It is dust and water-resistant which means that you does not have to take it off while swimming or cycling.

The advantages of having such a rough and tough headphone pair is that you can take it anywhere with you and it will keep blasting your music into your ears to keep you motivated. Therefore, whether you are at the beach or a pool you will have a non-stop source of motivation surging through your ears.

Other Innovative Ear pieces:

JBL, Waveport and beats are the common names in the water resistant gadgets that are equally capable of providing entertainment and health support. They all offer a big variety in headphone design and it is up to you to choose amongst them according to your liking.
There is another name though Finis Neptune they do things a bit differently. Instead of having to put the ear buds into your ears these rather unusual headphones uses bone conduction audio to deliver your music. These headphones rest on your goggles while swimming and you don’t have to put them in your ears like traditional ear phones.

4. SKULPT Performance System:

A hand held device that lets you know the amount and ratio of fat and muscles in your body. It then calibrates the acquired data and gives you advice based on these statistics. It can be helpful as it gives you advice that is appropriate for your body and is exactly what your body needs.
It can help you assess your progress and you can also determine if your current fitness plan is working or not. According to the data and advice provided by SKULPT you can bring subtle but effective changes into your workout routine and your diet.

There are many other such gadgets available in the market and you have to choose from a huge lot when you go for buying one. However if you want some gadget there is a good chance that it’s already out there so it’s time to gear up and give your body what it desperately needs.

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