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Music has been influencing mankind ever since we heard it. It tends to dictate our mood and our overall attitude towards our daily routine. As music plays an important part in getting us motivated and determined that is why workout and music go hand in hand. A workout seems incomplete without music these days and rightly so as music provides more than half of the motivation you need to complete your workout with a high level of involvement, even though on the inside you are running low on it.

Music is essential as it doesn’t make you feel you bored while you are repeating the sets and keeps you going even when you want to give up. You tend to get on the rhythm that the beat provides and it makes you more pumped up towards your workout and helps you break that barrier that you set out to cross at the start of the session. So music is convincingly essential for a successful workout. But choosing the right music is also critical to your success. Most people don’t pay much mind to what music they are going to choose for their workout and as a result they often end up with the wrong kind of music with completely different beat as compared to their workout which can be really distracting and can do much more harm than good.

Types of music

Just like workouts there are many genres of music. It is very important that your music should be in tune with your workout. The beat plays an important role as it provides you with an invisible movement chart. You can use it to make your set more orderly which will help you keep your reps streamlined. A workout feels really positive when the beat is right. For example when you are swimming, your music should have a nice flow and continuity to it and the beat should be subtle but if you are training for endurance then the music should be upbeat and lively like techno or trap music which keeps transitioning around the beat and keeps you pumped up. Similarly for yoga the music should be soothing and calming and this can be achieved through genres like rhythm or blues.

Gadgets for Your music

After sorting out the music now comes the part where almost everyone makes mistakes and that is to select the right device for listening your music. There are many devices available in the market for playing your music but there are a few which get the job done marvelously well. The top one for me is the iWatch which can not only play your music by connecting to your headphones via Bluetooth but it also provides you with loads of other health features, for example you can keep track of your workout through the workout app. You have the features like GPS, Heart Rate Sensor and Water Resistance up to 50 meters so it can keep up with you even when you are swimming. It keeps track of your movements and also keeps a track of your breath and heart rate.

The headphones you choose are also very important towards your productivity in the gym. Some people make the mistake of buying headphones with wire instead of Bluetooth and then they have to keep track of that wire throughout their workout which is distracting and even dangerous as you can drop something due to being worried about the headphone wire getting in the way. And even if people avoid the pitfall of buying wired headphones they often buy poorly designed headphones which keep falling out of their ears and this again gets annoying and distracting. The battery and Bluetooth connectivity is also something to keep in mind before enjoying your personalized music at your workout session. In some cheap or fake products the Bluetooth connectivity is a joke and it leads to audio and quality loss or just straight up discontinuity in the music which becomes a pain. Similarly if the battery of your headphones isn’t good you will have to worry about charging them all the time and even then there will be times that such headphones will run out of battery in the middle of your workout and this will break your flow very badly. So better buy well engineered and quality products to avoid nuisance.

Personalize your music

When it comes to music personal preference plays an important role and that leads to a lot of customizations and tweaking. Not everyone is happy with what comes out of the box, some of us just have to introduce a personal touch in order to make it more attractive and natural towards us. To help you do so you can always use Free Audio Editor. As apparent by the name it is an audio editor for free. Yes, it is just about the only thing when it comes to fitness that doesn’t costs you money. It’s an innovative and easy solution to your customization needs. It has a well-designed and simple interface with a cool sidebar which shows you different features and you can even bookmark the features you use the most for more convenience. With Free Audio Editor you can trim, merge, fade and amplify audio, you can also perform audio cleanups with its breath reduction and background noise reduction tools.

Using Free Audio Editor

After installing the Free Audio Editor you can start editing and customizing your music like counting one two three. It’s fairly simple, to do any sort of optimization you just have to import your music or drag and drop it into the Free Audio Editor’s window and you will have every tool at your disposal that the Free Audio Editor offers.

Simply edit the audio using the tools on offer, on the sidebar, and then choose a format in which you want your audio to be saved in. You also have the option to save files separately or as one merged file if you use the split or trim features.

So here is my take on what to look out for when it comes to workout music and the related gadgets. I Hope this helps you avoid annoyances and distractions.

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